A new blog and an update

Posted on: Mon Nov 10 07:16:56 2014

I think I have officially now changed the engine behind this blog more times than I have written posts for it.

I switched the blog to Hakyll now, I run this on a few other personal sites and am a huge fan of Pandoc and the power behind Hakyll and the site.hs file that compiles the blog. I also hacked apart the css to better match my main site as well as switched over all of my pages/servers to bananafi.sh instead of bananafish.in, I will be keeping both around but thought since I bought the .sh tld a few months ago I should get around to using it, it was expensive after all. So everything should do a redirect to the new “primary” .sh domain. While I was moving everything I realized wow, in a few more months it will have been a year since I posted here :(. Time really flies when you have a lot of life changes, I am constantly finding myself with not enough time to do everything I need to get done, let alone want to (like write stuff for here).

So let’s see, last time I wrote here was January, quite a few things have happened since then. Early this year I changed jobs, I had the opportunity to get into a bigger data center environment with a better title and without a second thought took it. Right around that time we (ladyfish and myself) began the house hunt. We had been renting a townhouse for awhile and were coming to the end of our lease. The place had really gone to shit while rent was going up, so we really were not looking forward to continuing to rent there or anywhere for that matter.

After looking at a lot of houses, getting a better Realtor, and fighting with a bank we got the keys to our first house early this June. I vastly underestimated the effort required to move as well as being a homeowner. Only these past two months does it really feel like we are settled in. It’s a lot of work but is wonderful.

Also wedding planning is in full swing, and about 75% done. We are getting married at the end of May 2015!

And lastly I am finishing up school, in five weeks I will finally have completed my Bachelor’s degree. This has been a long time coming and will be a huge relief to be done with. I am hoping once school is over I will get some free time back.

So, a lot going on and maybe an explanation why I haven’t posted here in ten months. Stay tuned, hopefully I write some more here before another ten months fly by.