changing, again again.

Posted on: Mon Jan 20 07:16:56 2014

Okay so I changed blog engines, again. Not really surprising as I have changed what this blog runs several times. Initially it was wordpress and then it was octopress and then I moved it to ghost and now it is running on the old blosxom “engine”.

Basically I ran into a few issues with ghost, primarily being it was showing blank articles on the editor side for some previous posts. Combine that with the fact that the articles are all stored as some json bullshit I did not feel comfortable leaving my blog posts on that engine. Ghost does have some nice ideas, and is very new but it just wasn’t for me I guess.

Why did I go with blosxom? It stores files as just flat text files, the whole “engine” is one pretty simple cgi perl script and it’s pretty easy to customise. Hopefully I won’t switch again, but only time will tell I guess. I do not expect to change though since the workflow works pretty well for me, I can write blog posts, push to a hg repo, and then pull down on the server. The blog posts are written in markdown in clear txt files. Now if only I could find a wiki server that could work so simply…

Anyway yeah I changed blog engines, this post was a long time coming and just watch out if you run your blog on ghost.